Fruit powders

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Fruit Powders

Instant fruit powder with the scent and flavour characteristic of the fresh ripe fruit.

Apple Powder

Hip Powder

Sour Cherry Powder

Blueberry Powder with Jerusalem artichoke

Strawberry Powder

Orange Powder

Pineapple Powder

Black Currant Powder

Peach Powder

Elderberry blossom Powder

Hawthorn Powder

Apricot Powder

Lemon Powder

Pear Powder

Melon Powder

Cranberry Powder

Raspberry Powder


The fruit and vegetable powders produced and distributed by our company are exclusively made from natural and bio raw materials. Due to the special vacuum-drying process developed by our company, the original ingredients that are responsible for taste, flavour, aroma, scent and colour are preserved in a concentrated form similarly to the vitamins, the macro- and microelements and most of the biologically active components. Our products fully dissolve in water, milk, cream and yoghurt in a few minutes. Their usage is simple, quick and handy.

The shelf-life of our fruit and vegetable powders is 2 years.

Please, close tightly after opening and store dry place.

Our products are manufactured from natural raw materials without using sugar, colouring matters, preservatives or synthetic compounds.


Soft drink

Dissolve 2-3 spoonful of fruit powder in 1,5-2 dl (non-carbonated) water, sweeten it with sugar or honey and your pleasant tasting drink containing only natural ingredients is ready.


Add 3-4 spoonful of Dessert Powder and 1-2 spoonful of sugar to 3 dl cream whip it till it becomes thick enough and put it into the refrigerator for half an hour.

Yoghurt Cake

Ingredients: 1 l unflavoured yoghurt, ca. 15 dkg sugar, 25 dkg mashed cottage cheese, 2 sachet of gelatine powder, 2 dl whipped cream, 4-6 spoonful of Fruit Powder, some sweet biscuit  

Warm up ½ l yoghurt with the sugar and the gelatine powder (but do not boil it). Mix this liquid with the cottage cheese, the rest of the yoghurt, the Fruit Powder and the whipped cream. Pour it into a bowl lined with slice of fruits and cool in the refrigerator. After it jellified, put it upon a platter covered with biscuit.

Our Fruit Powders can be used for flavouring soups, various dishes, cakes and sauces.