Practically every fruit and vegetable or the juices and the concentrates gained from them can be pulverised by vacuum-drying. By processing the first-rate bio and natural raw materials that are available in large amount during the production of the fruit and vegetable powders, it is possible to manufacture biologically valuable products.

The importance of bio products is steadily growing in .

Due to the special vacuum-drying process developed by our company, the original ingredients that are responsible for taste, flavour, aroma and colour are preserved in a concentrated form similarly to the vitamins, the macro- and microelements and most of the biologically active components. No artificial, synthetic additives, colouring agents or preservatives are used during the manufacturing. 

Our latest product family is Drink Powders as a Health Food that are made from vegetables and fruit bearing significant curative powers according to a unique recipe. Their consumption can be recommended to cure or prevent various diseases according to the data of scientific publications.