The 30 different products of our company are produced according to unique recipes that are prepared and continuously developed in our laboratories based on consumers’ demands. In the case of the development of the Health Preserver Drink Powders it is an important consideration that the proportion of the components has to be worked out to yield appropriate taste as well as physiological effects. Our work of development is very complex; we mainly focus on the expansion of our present product line and the invention of new recipes in line with the improvement of the manufacturing technologies of the so-called Functional food products. Moreover, experiments are being conducted in order to produce on an industrial scale granulated products and vacuum-dried powders that are made from biotechnologically modified concentrates containing small amount of fibre . Experts from university laboratories and research institutes cooperate in the research work. According to the demands of the different fields of food industry our company carries out mutual product development projects together with companies from the milk and the confectionery industry.