Our company

GPS Powder Food Manufacturing Ltd. was launched in 1991 in order to introduce and establish the vacuum-drying process in the Hungarian food processing industry.

By means of studying and using the scientific legacy and patents of Pap László (PhD) food chemist and researcher, we have developed and modified our vacuum-drying technology that is used currently. In January 2003 production was started in our new factory where we manufacture our products by using the most recent, automated, process controlled technology. Our present production capacity is 40 000 kg/year. Our product line replaces the expensive lyophilized products and the hardly cheaper fruit powders that bear low biological value, contain artificial additives and are dried at high temperature, both of which are used as raw materials and colouring agents in the food industry.

The price of our products is considerably lower than that of the similar products due to the automated, cost effective technology and low labour costs.

Our revenue and market presence have been growing from year to year both in the domestic and the foreign markets.